TC Planner

video timings rundown sheet

TCPlanner is a perfect tool for Producers, Editors, Post Production Supervisors, and Television Networks to keep show rundowns updated. It is designed as a rundown sheet that allows to plan the timing of the show or movie. Individual parts of the show can be organized in Acts and Scenes and their total timing is summed up and compared with the target run time.

Movie Scenes can be dragged over to different sections or copy / paste to another documents. All movie timings can be printed as a report or saved to a file.


  • Drag scenes between acts to define a structure of the show.
  • Double click scene to edit timings.
  • Use cut, copy, paste to move Scenes between documents.
  • Keep starting time of the Scene linked to the end of the previous Scene.
  • Present all timings in the report.
  • Use undo / redo to fix any mistake.

“Simple to use, does what is necessary”